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May 1 - June 20. Gemini zodiac signs have a special duality of character and inability to constancy. They almost always look at the subject from two sides, and simultaneous love with hatred for one person is quite normal for them, and they are not even able to explain the reasons for their own emotions.
Gemini successfully combines obnoxiousness
character and great natural charm, complemented by sociability. They visit a lot of places, so any conversation turns out to be very interesting and informative. Representatives of the sign are also distinguished by a good memory, which makes it easy to remember and then retell the information received, especially those that are not of serious importance.
Those born this month have good observation skills, but they cannot turn this advantage to their own side. Often this skill even goes to their detriment, since clinging to trifles that have no practical meaning leads to excessive suspicion. Even in the closest person, they are able to suspect a threat.
It is very difficult for others to understand Gemini, and their behavior can be mistaken for hypocrisy, although this is an erroneous opinion. Fate constantly adds various trials to the life of the Twins, which not only do not allow them to relax, but at the same time harden their character. Moreover, this concerns both the material side and the spiritual side.
August 3 - September 22 From the outside it seems that Virgos are never able to escape from a series of everyday problems, but this is nothing more than a visual effect. Virgo zodiac signs are distinguished by excellent observation, revealing all the flaws that exist in our lives. Where there is an opportunity to correct them, Virgo will definitely try to do it.
Representatives of this sign have a tendency to maintain cleanliness, and strive to make not only their own corner better, but also to spread it to the whole world.
They are characterized by the presence of a natural mind, developed intuition and the ability to analyze the situation. That's just their sarcastic remarks to others very often cause resentment and discontent on the part of loved ones.
Regardless of the topic, Virgo has her own view of things, but they prefer to defend it in a discussion only with opponents who are equal in level and status. Virgo will never talk and prove something to a short-sighted person, considering such a dispute a waste of time.
Many of them are characterized by attractiveness, which, if there is a corresponding desire, turns into a real irresistibility. But Virgo does not like to stand out from the public, remaining a "gray mouse" until the last moment. It is not surprising that many initially underestimate them.
Calm and reasonable, they get started very quickly in situations when they encounter rudeness or stupidity. This is quite enough to pounce on the enemy with all the fury.
In material terms, these are very prudent people who prefer to do without debts, and spend money very wisely.
December 22 – January 20. The signs of the zodiac Capricorn demonstrate a pattern of perseverance and purposefulness. People born during this period of winter strive to achieve any goal, regardless of the degree of its importance. Often they have developed thinking, and in the absence of
the creatures of natural laziness are ready to show their abilities at any opportunity. Capricorns are always ready to learn, even when they are at an advanced age.
Pride and independence significantly limit the ability of Capricorns to adapt in society. Often they are unable to please others, make new friends and acquaintances. At the same time, this is not a serious problem for them, since a small circle of close friends is the best option for interacting with society for the sign. In addition, very often they deliberately choose loneliness, not wanting to communicate with strangers.
In most cases, Capricorn is a classic egoist who does not seek to put himself higher than the people around him. Complexes and resentment of others for their own underestimation are a common problem for representatives of the sign.
Capricorns strive for power, but successfully mask this desire behind apparent calmness. Often, when they gain power and are not restrained by moral principles, they become real tyrants.
July 23 – August 22. Leo zodiac signs are primarily a combination of ambition and laziness. All their lives, representatives of the sign strive to occupy the highest possible position in society
e and provide yourself with material prosperity, that's just waiting for all this to fall on your head by itself, and nothing will need to be done.
Leo treats his surroundings like a "king of beasts", watching somewhat down. At the same time, any criticism of one's own address is perceived painfully, since it comes from people who do not have the right to discuss Leo himself.
Representatives of this sign tend to have a large number of acquaintances, but most of them are nothing more than useful connections, while the number of really close people is minimal. From such a manner of behavior, they sometimes get hurt, but they do not want to learn from their mistakes, and they do not know how. In any victory, Leo necessarily sees only his own merits, while fate or the surrounding people become the culprits of failures.
Every Leo is a materialist, for whom material and spiritual benefits will never stand on the same level. It is material prosperity that is the goal of all life, which should be promoted in any situation.
March 20 - April 19. Aries acts as a sign that opens the zodiac horoscope. At the time of receiving their names, all zodiac signs were located in the constellation of Aries. People belonging to this sign are endowed with natural determination and powerful inner strength. This allows them to make their way through life at times when it seems that there is no further opportunity to move forward.
Aries is extremely energetic, while his stubbornness and inability to show flexibility at the right moments have become a real distinctive mark of those born this month. Even in cases where it is required to achieve the tasks set at any cost, the zodiac sign Aries is not able to make concessions, even if intentionally. As a result, they cause themselves a lot of harm, especially in their youth, when every person is characterized by youthful maximalism, and the vehemence of age comes out almost constantly.
The advantages of Aries include optimism, which allows you to go through life with confidence in the future. That's just criticism from the closest people affects them very painfully. Constant encouragement and recognition is important for them
June 21 - July 22. The signs of the zodiac Cancer are primarily hypersensitive, when even banal rudeness in their address can cause a sharp deterioration in mood and despondency. At the same time, there is a powerful energy inside them that can convey the mood to others, both bad and good.
Despite such vulnerability, Cancer is not always in a state of suffering
and emotional experiences. They are characterized by the ability to appreciate humor and mark themselves with a good joke.
In life, Cancers float on the waves, alternating favorable moments with temporary recessions, and even at the peak of success, they are always ready to drop lower to take a little rest and gain strength before the next rise. A straight path through obstacles is not for them. Much more often and more effectively they use cunning and starvation.
Noble, possessing selflessness, Cancer does not seek to demonstrate its qualities, which makes it an egoist in the eyes of others. What you can't argue with is the attitude of Cancer to his person. Here he really values himself highly. The love of fame is a known weakness of Cancers, and it is perceived by them not as a merit, but as a matter of course phenomenon, and its significance for representatives of the sign is even greater than material security.
Social life is not for them. Cancers are much more predisposed to family life, and he is generous with his relatives, which is especially noticeable in contrast with others.
February 19 – March 19. Pisces is an interesting sign. Interesting in the first place
with the ability to fully evaluate yourself and your capabilities, to find advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact that Pisces know themselves thoroughly, they are able to approach self-esteem with a sufficient degree of irony.
Pisces zodiac signs are not compatible with constancy. Any promise can be forgotten, and the point of view can change several times in one day. They treat friendship well, but they are sure that the interests of friends can be ignored if necessary. Lying from their mouths is a matter of course, and with its help they seek to exalt themselves in the eyes of others, or simply do it without any reasonable reason.
From the outside, representatives of this sign may seem weak, but this is nothing more than a deception, which the Pisces themselves seek to strengthen. For the most part, they are characterized by laziness, preferring to build castles in dreams than to create them on earth with hard work. In addition, material wealth plays a secondary role for them, inferior in importance to spiritual development.
In the environment of Fish, you can meet weak and dependent representatives, which are extremely easy to influence, especially negative. As a result, such dependence can even lead to prison.
October 23 – November 21. The signs of the zodiac Scorpio are the most interesting for research by specialists. It is the representatives of this zodiac symbol that have the greatest breadth of character diversity. Among the Scorpions, there are materialists, believers in the other world, real geniuses, and unique fools. All of them have only one thing in common, they are very interesting, but also very dangerous people. That is why you should always make sure that their sting is not directed at you.
The opinions of other people do not exist for them, while Scorpios tend to express their own at the first opportunity, even when it would be more expedient to remain silent. Their confidence in their own rightness leads to the fact that even the generally accepted axioms are questioned, and it is not possible to convince them otherwise. They do not know such a word as compromise, so it would be naive to count on any concessions on their part.
Many experts in the field of astrology distinguish three types of scorpions. Classic "poisonous" are distinguished by malice, greed, aggressiveness. Noble scorpions are always ready to help, they are distinguished by justice and sanity. There are also "grey lizards". By their nature, they are among the poisonous representatives, but their spiritual weakness does not allow them to be realized in practice. As a result, they only accumulate anger at others, and are able to do nasty things even to a loved one.
November 22 – December 21. Open, sociable, intelligent and cheerful, Sagittarians in most cases are in a great mood. Often they prefer an active lifestyle all their lives, and this applies not only to the body, but also to the mind. Sagittarius zodiac signs are distinguished by their love of freedom and very painfully tolerates any restrictions that arise on the path of life.
Sincere people who prefer to treat their duties conscientiously, they have excessive impulsiveness, often going to the detriment of personal interests. Constant throwing between extremes allows Sagittarians to acquire enemies and detractors with enviable regularity. Very often, representatives of this sign seek to defend other people's interests, experiencing deep feelings of responsibility. Guardianship in their performance can turn into an annoying event.
In general, all Sagittarians are divided into two categories. One is formed by idealists filled with generosity to others. The second is formed by quirky financiers, for whom power by any means is the meaning of life. Representatives of the latter group are reasonably considered snobs, capable of any flattery, but they practically do not care.
Criticism does not bother the representatives of the sign at all, remaining out of their ears. Moreover, the reaction to the critic will be negative, while a person who does not discuss the actions of Sagittarius receives in return a very warm and friendly relationship.
April 20 - May 20. Taurus is characterized by both nobility and independence. Possessing impressive strength, they do not seek to demonstrate it at the first opportunity, waiting for the most suitable moment for this. Life success accompanies Taurus only in the case of perseverance and constant work, and not banal luck or luck.
In the decision-making process, Taurus is never in a hurry, preferring to weigh the pros and cons beforehand. It is best if they are thinking on their own, otherwise they show a tendency to take other people's thoughts for their own.
The signs of the zodiac of Taurus are characterized by kindness, while in its manifestation it can demonstrate excessive perseverance, combining it with clumsiness. It is also typical for them to impose their opinions, and in the most straightforward ways. Often, more cunning combinations by representatives of this sign are completely ignored. Having a negative attitude to lies, they can, if necessary, use it for personal purposes, and it turns out to be very reliable and truthful.
Almost every Taurus pays a lot of attention to their appearance. For him, the appearance of a successful and successful person plays a big role, even if in fact he does not correspond to this status.
Representatives of the sign are characterized by constancy, even unrealized plans will be constantly stored in the memory of Taurus. They prefer to make friends in their youth, maintaining relationships until old age. Rigidity is not the main character trait, but grievances remain in the memory of Taurus for many years.
September 23 - October 22. Libra zodiac signs are distinguished primarily by modesty and charm. Its representatives are not inclined to offend others, and do not take offense at every unpleasant word in their own address. Relying on intuition, they are very often able to find the best course of action, predict the development of the situation in the future.
Cheerful and sociable in life, at some moments, due to the changeability of character, they are able to transform into monsters. Nervous, constantly irritated, and at the same time capricious, they are able to annoy absolutely anyone. It is during this period that Libra most often loses friends and acquaintances.
People born during this period do not have life constancy either. Periods of high activity and efficiency are periodically replaced by complete apathy and indifference to what is happening around. Only reading remains the only occupation, the craving for which is manifested in libra constantly and without restrictions. Often, even complex scientific literature becomes a source of peace and real rest for them.
Libra understands its own impermanence, so they strive to rely on a "rational grain" in life, to weigh all decisions and actions. That's just often, they become hostages of other people's opinions, not even realizing that they are dependent. Having excellent intuition, Libra very rarely uses it, and this is the key to their success in life.
January 21 - February 18. The zodiac sign Aquarius suggests that a person has a very vulnerable soul. Representatives of the sign may have a lot of acquaintances, but at the same time there are a minimum number of really close people to whom they are able to open their soul. It is curious, but they always have people with an unbalanced, restless character who constantly get into any problems.
Aquarius himself is very friendly, but without knowing the sense of proportion, he can easily cross the boundaries of what is permissible, turning into an obsessive person. Adhering to their own opinion, they succumb to persuasion if they see that the opponent's opinion is more reasonable and reasonable. That's just to bring Aquarius to a state of resentment is not worth it, he is almost guaranteed to take revenge, and for as long as it takes to achieve this goal.
Distinguishes them from other people and increased curiosity. There is not a single topic where representatives of the sign would not try to "stick their nose in". This feature does not allow them to focus on one thing, spraying energy. The ability to absorb information makes some geniuses, but they are much more likely to be among the patients of psychiatric clinics.
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